This download contains the BETA version of the minified JackyJS engine, as well as the entire contents of the front page demo (including all its assets). You are free to alter the demo files in any way you see fit but if you are going to make a game for commercial purposes you must create your own original assets. Jacky likes his current burrow and doesn't venture out much.

NOTE: before downloading the ZIP file and playing around with the files, please read the Terms of Service.

TIP: the download comes complete with a very useful index.php file which allows you to iterate your testing efficiently. Combined with the included inits.php build script, you should be able to package your games in no time.

About the Demo

The demo included in your download is the full un-minified version of what you saw on the front page of this site. You can play with the code and see how everything works. It is meant to demonstrate as many features of the JackyJS engine as possible, all at once. There are some surprises if you play around enough, so explore thoroughly. Keep in mind that, if viewing on mobile, there may be some slow down; a casual game does not have as many things packed into one screen. Always remember to keep it simple. ;-)

NOTE: the mobile version is limited in functionality; ie, there are no controls for Jacky to move and jump. (JackyJS does not currently support multi-touch).


Testing and running JackyJS games doesn't require much more than a modern up-to-date web browser and your favorite code editor; however, you do need to have a virtual server installed that supports PHP. XAMPP is a great cross-platform solution.

Browser Support

JackyJS has been tested and confirmed to be working in the following browsers, for both Mac and PC, where applicable:

NOTE: Internet Explorer left off this list for reasons Web Developers know all too well. ;-) Seriously though, support for IE/Edge is being looked at, but not fully tested as of the BETA.


Simply follow the steps below and you will be making awesome games in no time!

1. Get Files

Download the ZIP here:

2. Working Directory

Extract the ZIP and place the generated "yourWebsite" folder into your current web project directory.

3. File Dependencies

For including the necessary files, please refer to the Usage section of this website.

4. Check Documentation

Refer to the Documentation for the specifics on how to do something.

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