Here, you will find on-going updates to the JackyJS website and engine/framework. Check back often!

Date Category Description
2017-07-24EngineBUG: fixed issue where removal of company screen would prevent advance to next Room.
2017-04-30Websitetemporarily removed the Burrow due to lack of registrations and too much SPAM.
2017-03-15Websiteadded the community forums; AKA the Burrow.
2017-01-25Demofixed "POW" sprite; now appears in front of other objects.
2017-01-25Engineadded destroySystem() method to Particle class.
2017-01-24EngineTemporarily removed audio support for Internet Explorer (too many issues).
2017-01-23EngineBUG: fixed minimum audio volume.
2017-01-23EngineBUG: fixed infinite generation of foreground particles.
2017-01-23WebsiteUpdated the Download page with more info.
2017-01-22EngineBUG: fixed an issue with audio muting and game blurred state.
2017-01-22EngineRemoved scrollbars when in full screen mode.
2017-01-21WebsiteAdded Twitter link in menu.
2017-01-20WebsiteJackyJS BETA launch!